Huijbregts Groep is a family-run business; it does not depend on external investors or anonymous shareholders. The Huijbregts family has the company 'on loan' and is responsible for running it as well as possible on behalf of future generations; the basis for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
WithinHuijbregts Groep, CSR focuses on caring for people and the environment. This translates into a sound HRM policy, effective waste, energy, recycling and transport management, and a large degree of social involvement. Huijbregts was recently certified on the performance ladder for more social business practices for good reason.

We require our suppliers to have a clear CSR policy as well. Huijbregts Groep's suppliers not only have to meet the set quality requirements, we also expect a specific level of Corporate Social Responsibility. This certainly applies to our suppliers from the Far East. We maintain direct contact with plantations in India, Indonesia and Egypt where we not only monitor the effectiveness of their policies on quality and food safety, but also the working conditions of the employees.

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