Huijbregts Groep was founded 83 years ago by Wim Huijbregts in 1936. He started by selling food substitutes. Because of the Second World War, products such as coffee and tea were barely available. After the war, he started mixing herbs and spices for butchers in the Eindhoven region.

In 1973, his son Frans joined the company. Partly as a result of his vision, Huijbregts Groep experienced tremendous growth in the 1970s. In 1980, Frans took over his father's business. By that time, the company had relocated to Helmond. In addition to herbs and spices, Huijbregts Groep increasingly began to focus on powder blends for the food industry. From 2012 is the third generation; Willem Huijbregts, joined the company.

Nowadays, Huijbregts Groep is an ultramodern company that supplies powder blends to the food industry. Eighty per cent of the factory-made margarine, bread, yoghurt, soup, sauces, snacks and much, much more consumed every day in the Netherlands contains colourings, aromatic substances and/or flavourings produced by Huijbregts Groep.

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